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an active space for contemporary photography in Manila, Philippines . est. MMXV


Long Table/Round Table

Long table/Round table

A discussion group with temporal and spatial limitations

Kung Fu of Understanding/Leveraging the Polarized Parameters of Engagement

Fourteen figures engaged in the creation, diffusion and analysis of visual languages in art, photography, publishing and journalism get together for LONG TABLE/ ROUND TABLE, A discussion group with temporal and spatial limitations. The discussion topic for the afternoon is Kung Fu of Understanding/Leveraging the Polarized Parameters of Engagement.

This is an activity put together mid-FOTOSEMANA Manila 2015 Micro Festival, in lieu of a portfolio review that failed to attract any portfolios. It is an effort to make the best of a failed enterprise through the kung fu principle of absorbing negative force and directing it to a positive outcome.

The parameters for this and other forms of failed engagement—with either audiences, peers, critics, funders, clients, collaborators or stakeholders—will emerge within two temporally and spatially different discussions: 1) timed, round-robin, one-on-one discussions across a long table and 2) loose, communal, group discussions at a round table. Participants will hopefully share their experiences on how they have dealt with the space and time limitations of any project, this one included. The purpose of this activity is to reach a clearer idea of how shortcomings can be leveraged and successes can resist stagnation within varying terms of engagement.

A thing by The Office of Culture and Design

Wawi Navarroza Artist/Educator Thousandfold
Veejay Villafranca Photographer/Journalist
Sonny Thakur Photographer/Photo Editor Grid Magazine
Renan Laru-an Curator/Writer Disclab Research and Criticism
Patricia Levasseur de la Motte Art Advisor/Curator The Philanthropic Museum
Pamela Cajilig Professor/Researcher
Nicolás Combarro Artist/Curator
Merv Espina Janitor/Cook Sabaw Media Art Kitchen
Marika Constantino Artist/Curator 98 B Collaboratory
Jerome Gomez Writer/Photo Editor Esquire Philippines.
Eva McGovern Curator/Writer
Earl Drilon Driver/Spin Doctor Sabaw Media Art Kitchen
Clara Balaguer Publishing/Social Practice The Office of Culture and Design